We build business-focussed cyber strategies, customised to your organisation needs to accelerate cyber resilience.

Ongoing cyber threats like ransomware, data breaches have put a lot of pressure on technology leaders to prioritise and implement cyber security controls that can protect organisational information assets.

The leaders, however, face a myriad of challenges including inadequate budgets, difficulty in finding and retain skilled cyber professionals, and limited executive support and a variety of industry and government compliance standards. These challenges make the technology leaders’ task almost impossible, reactionary and compliance driven.

At Cyberlastic, we understand how these challenges can stifle progress and have helped organisations overcome these challenges using approaches that consider the organisational constraints to develop and deliver customised strategies and advisory.

Here is how we are different:

Customised services

Organisational constraints like staffing, budget, culture and risk appetite affect strategies and programs. We understand how these constraints affect cybersecurity programs. Leverage our ability to provide strategies and advice that will actually work.

Speaking to the business

We understand that cybersecurity is a business risk. Take advantage of our ability to translate complex technical issues into simple actionable considerations.


Funding for cyber programs is sufficient never enough. We understand that meagre budgets quickly get depleted when trying to acquire, develop and maintain cyber capabilities. Tap into our ability to prioritise activities and work out suitable staffing arrangements that suit your budget and deliver value.

Experience and expertise

Take advantage of our team of recognised experts covering emerging and specialist areas such as cloud security, data privacy, cyber resilience, security architecture

Do you struggle with :

    • Spending meagre cyber budgets on cyber stratgies without return on investment?
    • Cyber assurance that recommends activities that are can’t work?
    • Staff that are unclear what to do, despite continuous cyber awareness?

At CYBERLASTIC, we’ll help you train simplify and make cyber security affordable.

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