Cyber leadership to make you cyber resilient

We customise strategies, prioritise capabilities and help you communicate effectively

Struggling to recruit cyber security staff?
No worries. We’ll get you started.

Relentless cyber incidents bring organisations them to their knees. This trend is a significant concern for executive management, causing distress for technology leaders. Executive management barely understands cybersecurity, and technology leaders argue they aren’t supported.

While they desire to improve, many organisations struggle to mature cybersecurity capabilities and remain exposed due to:

  • Unsuitable cyber strategies based on one-size-fits-all approaches;
  • Insufficient support for cybersecurity from executive management and the board; and
  • Struggle to find cyber professionals

At Cyberlastic, we understand and help organisations overcome these challenges to mature their cyber capabilities. As every organisation is different, our vCISO service aims to understand key digital assets and external obligations to:

  • Define and implement high-impact cyber strategies;
  • Build effective cyber governance and business-centred cyber metrics for senior management and the board;
  • Build a cost-effective cyber function suited to the organisational needs

With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, you need the right capabilities to minimise impact and recover from these incidents, when they happen.

Do you struggle with:

  • Cyber strategies that don’t work?
  • Board and senior executive reports filled with technical jargon that are meaningless?
  • Ineffective cyber governance strategies

At CYBERLASTIC, we’ll help you gain confidence in your cybersecurity capabilities and improve executive management support in cybersecurity.