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Cybersecurity management

This program will help participants:
  • Assess cyber maturity; define customised cyber strategies; prioritise and implement capabilities effectively
  • Influence and inform stakeholders; change cyber risk culture and acquire budgets for cyber programs
  • Ensure cyber controls are adequate to protect the organisations against threats.

Cyber Risk Management

This program will help participants:
  • Understand risk appetite, identify and assess risks, mitigate, and monitor risks.
  • Understand stakeholders needs, simplify risk message.
  • Understand risk responsibilities, conduct appropriate risk control, and provide risk oversight to stakeholders.

Cyber incident management

This program will help participants:
  • Identify key stakeholders, involve stakeholders in the incident response preparation and planning
  • Understand and build capabilities required for effective cyber incident management
  • Build customised incident management plans; to conduct incident response and crisis management tests

Cyber mentorship

This program will help participants to:
  • Understand their personality to select a suitable cyber career.
  • Define a career strategy to achieve a clearly defined role.
  • To provide ongoing career advice

Executive Cyber Education

This program will help participants:
  • Understand cybersecurity in simple terms and business language
  •  Understand their responsibilities and ensure effective cybersecurity
  • Ask better questions to make risk-informed decisions.

Staff Cyber Education

This program is for organisations looking to
  • Educate employees about cyber threats and how they affect businesses
  • Empower employees to identify and respond to cyber threats
  • Develop a risk-aware culture across its workforce

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