Privacy Management Program

Learn to identify applicable privacy regulate to develop processes & plans to use and protect information appropriately.

Program Overview

Data protection laws give individuals control over their data. As such, organisations need to process and store personal data while protecting the privacy of individuals. However, although organisations need to protect the privacy of individuals, not many staff are aware of the privacy obligations, nor have professionals qualified to lead privacy management.

This program will enable participants to identify privacy laws that apply to their organisation or project and take proactive steps to ensure compliance with the laws. During the program, the participants will also develop privacy management processes and plans applicable to their organisations.

The program is facilitated by qualified and experienced professionals who use real-world privacy management experience to deliver the training.

With a maximum of 30 participants, this program is conducted face-to-face over two days.

Who should attend

  • IT leaders including Security Managers, IT Directors, Chief Information Officers
  • Business leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • IT Professionals

Learning outcomes

This program will help participants:

  • Identify applicable privacy protection laws
  • Incorporate privacy protection laws into business processes
  • Develop privacy management processes

Key Benefits:

  • Real-world scenarios to enable participants to identify common errors
  • 1:1 support for each participant
  • No more than 30 participants to ensure high engagement
  • Membership to our cyber community for privacy insights and quarterly newsletter.