Change your enterprise cyber risk culture

We customise initiatives and help you communicate cyber risk effectively.

Security awareness is not enough. We change the entire culture

Recent cyber incidents demonstrate that even companies with significant investment in security technologies can be compromised through a user inadvertently clicking on a dodgy link.

Despite staff undertaking annual awareness training, cyber crooks constantly change and trick users into providing access to corporate data.

At Cyberlastic, we understand the challenges:

  • Staff find cyber training boring
  • Senior business leaders don’t support security training
  • Use of meaningless metrics
  • No dedicated staff to run and manage cyber training activities; and
  • Training is seen as a compliance exercise.

Cyberlastic helps organisations change their cyber culture through:

  • innovative cyber culture programs with meaningful metrics;
  • Engage executive management in cyber culture activities; and
  • Enlist staff support for cyber throughout the organisation.

With the evolving cyber threat landscape, it is critical to change your staff’s cyber risk mindset to enable them to consistently identify and respond to targeted attacks.

Are you frustrated by:

  • Monotonous training materials that don’t work
  • Meaningless metrics
  • Security training taken as a compliance exercise

At CYBERLASTIC, we’ll help you gain confidence in your human factor capabilities and improve executive management support in cyber culture programs.