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Collect, use and protect customer information appropriately. Be compliant.

Not sure if you comply with applicable privacy regulations?
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The proliferation of privacy acts and regulations has escalated the need to protect customers. Privacy breaches attract a lot of media attention, regulatory fines and damage organisational reputation.

As organisations pursue digital transformation, they struggle to apply the right privacy controls to customer information as they:

  • are unclear of the applicable acts or regulations;
  • not aware of the appropriate controls to apply;
  • lack an organisational plan to manage privacy; and
  • lack a privacy team to provide authoritative advice on privacy.
At Cyberlastic, we understand privacy regulations are confusing and complex to navigate. We help organisations :
  • Identify the privacy acts or regulations that apply;
  • Conduct privacy impact assessment and make recommendations to minimise impact to privacy;
  • Develop and implement effective privacy management strategies, processes and plans; and
  • Provide support in case of a data breach.

With the evolving cyber threat landscape, it is critical to change your staff’s cyber mindset to enable them to consistently identify and respond to targeted attacks.

Do you struggle with:

  • Lack of clarity on applicable privacy acts or regulation
  • Inappropriate collection and use of personal information
  • Botched messaging and handling of privacy breaches

At CYBERLASTIC, we’ll help you apply the required controls to protect customer privacy and minimise the impact of privacy breaches.