Our Story

With our experience and expertise, we know how organisations struggle to understand and uplift their cybersecurity capabilities. Cyberlastic Africa was started to help organisations understand, achieve and maintain cyber resilience cost-effectively.

Cyberlastic Africa is based Kampala, Uganda and has presence in Lagos, Nigeria. Cyberlastic Africa is also part of the Cyberlastic Group, with headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.

Being part of the Cyberlastic Group enables us:
1. Access world class consultants that have delivered complex projects, worked with different clients and solved complex problems
2. Access to tried and tested strategies and advisory
3. Deliver world class advisory services

Our Mission

To help organisations achieve and maintain cyber resilience through clear communication and cost-effective strategies.


A society where organisations pursue ambitious goals

Strategic Goals

  • To help organisations develop and implement effective cyber strategies.
  • To provide high impact cybersecurity and privacy advisory to organisations.
  • To develop cybersecurity professionals with relevant knowledge to support their organisations.