Cyber Incident Management

Develop capabilities and experience to respond and recover from cyber incidents effectively and efficiently.

Program Overview

Despite the prevalent cyber incidents, many organisations are not ready to respond – they have ineffective cyber capabilities, insufficient people resources and no working plan. The unfortunate truth is: cyber incidents will happen.

The program will help participants prepare to respond and manage a cyber incident. The program is facilitated by qualified cyber professionals with experience in preparing for and managing cyber incidents.

With a maximum of 20 participants, the program is conducted face-to-face over two days.

Who should attend

  • IT leaders, including IT Security Managers, IT Directors, CIOs
  • Business Managers – Risk, Audit, Human Resources, Public Relations, Communications and Marketing
  • Senior Business leaders – CEOs, COOs, CFOs
  • Board members

Learning outcomes

This program will help participants:

  • Understand incident management roles and responsibilities: to identify key stakeholders, involve stakeholders in the incident response preparation and planning
  • Develop critical capabilities for incident management: to understand and build capabilities required for effective cyber incident management
  • Develop and test cyber incident management plan: to build customised incident management plans; to conduct incident response and crisis management tests

Key Benefits:

  • Real-world scenarios to enable participants to identify common errors and learn practical ways to improve
  • Identification of gaps in incident response capabilities
  • No more than 20 participants to ensure high engagement
  • Planning and developing a cyber incident plan
  • Membership to our cyber community for strategic intelligence, incident management support and quarterly newsletter